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  • The latest app BETVⅡ for TVpad2 released on June 5, 2013
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  • BETV is an exclusively designed for overseas Chinese to provide local Chinese TV programming application. A new replay function for BETV added into TVpad2 with the brand new user interface.

    By this new function, users can reply 32+ Chinese (mainland) live channels of BETV at anywhere and anytime to solve time shift issue. It is really good news for users who have much trouble with jet lag that they can optionally choose view history within 72 hrs.

    How to install(Follow screenshots guide below)


    Attention: BETVis only available for TVpad 3.62 version or higher.

    Turn on your TVpad2 -Go to TVpad Manager

    -TVpad Store- BETV


    Switch what youd like to watch atwill

    At last, enjoy it.

    BETVⅡ, stable, clear and smooth etc have won living overseas Chinese your consistent high praise, covers all news finance, science and technology, sports, drama, children dozens of sets of Chinese channel resources. From now on you can lie on the sofa, with remote control operation, relaxed and comfortable to watch the high quality of Chinese local TV show. Whatever you want, up to you!


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